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  • 2024 NEW Member Payment

    One-time offer for new RMA NY members
    Valid for one year
  • 2024 RENEW Membership Payment

    One-time offer for renewing RMA NY members
    Valid for one year
  • Full Price Membership

    Full price membership
    Valid for one year

Why join?

Recording work is happening all over the NYC area, every day. New soundstages in NY and NJ are poised to generate even more work. We, musicians, need to stand together to help bring more recording work under contract, protect ourselves from being taken advantage of in this ever-changing environment, and ensure our contracts are negotiated strategically and represent our best interests.

The RMA-NY board is committed to reinvigorating this chapter so we will have a strong New York voice. It is essential that we have a way to come together for our work, our contracts, our issues, and to help each other navigate our industry.

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